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1. How can I place an order for transport?

The most convenient way to place an order is to use the dedicated Pharmalink Logistics System, available here. Our Clients receive a login and a password at the beginning of their cooperation with us to enable them the full use of the application. If you do not have access to the application, please send this information to your sales manager or use the contact form.
Transport orders can also be submitted via e-mail. The order form template can be found here. Please send the completed form to the e-mail address

2. How can I check the status of a shipment?

When shipping with Pharmalink, you can check the current status of the shipment at any time using the Pharmalink Logistics System application. Login to the application.

3. How much is the current fuel surcharge?

Current Diesel Fuel price, for the period 01.01.2023-28.02.2023 is 5811 PLN/m³. Current fuel surcharge is 23,00%. Fuel surcharge table.

4. How does Pharmalink control temperatures during transport?

Pharmalink transports shipments within the temperature ranges of 15-25 ° C, 2-8 ° C and dry ice at -20 ° C. Vehicles from our fleet have two chambers with an isothermal construction, which guarantees the transport of medicines within the specified temperature ranges. Pharmalink is the first logistic operator that has implemented a GPS system in their vehicles which allows for the constant monitoring of the temperature during transport. The temperature control is carried out both in the cargo chambers and at the customer’s request can be carried out directly within the consignments, using electronic temperature probes. Each probe has a calibration certificate and its own serial number for easy identification. Pharmalink also has an internal monitoring and verification system for the monitoring devices.
Temperature printouts for each shipment are provided on request.

5. How to order a temperature printout for a particular shipment?

Pharmalink transports medicines in temperature ranges of 15-25°C, 2-8°C and dry ice below -20°C. At each transport stage, the temperature is monitored and controlled. Temperature printouts from each stage are provided on request. To receive printouts of the temperature, please use the contact form or send an e-mail to Payment for the service will be charged according to the price list indicated in the contract.

6. When will the shipment be delivered to the recipient?

Pharmalink delivers pharmaceuticals and veterinary medicines within 24 hours. We always make the utmost efforts to deliver the shipments to patients in need on time. If the medicinal product is in the so-called dedicated transport or CITO „”life-saving””mode, delivery time is tailored to the exact needs and set individually. Requests for special transports: dedicated and CITO please contact:,, or by phone.

7. Is Pharmalink licensed to operate a pharmaceutical wholesaler?

Pharmalink is licensed to operate as a pharmaceutical wholesaler. All Pharmalink cross docks are also covered. The entire process of medicines products distribution is under the supervision of the manager for the pharmaceutical wholesaler, which guarantees the highest quality. The distribution is in full compliance with the applicable Pharmaceutical Law and the Good Distribution Practice.
Pharmalink is also licensed to run a pharmaceutical wholesaler for veterinarymedicines and guarantees a full quality supervision over its operations.

8. What logistic services does Pharmalink provide?

Warehouse services:

  • operation of pharmaceutical manufacturers wholesalers’ services,
  • consignment services: inbound delivery, storage, order management, pick&pack, outbound shipment,
  • more than 4000 available pallet locations in the new Łódź warehouse

Transportation services:

  • transport at 15°C to 25°C
  • transport in the active cold supply chain from 2°C to 8°C,
  • transport at temperatures below -20°C,
  • delivery of samples for clinical trials,
  • domestic and international transports (dedicated),
  • transport of veterinary medicines
9. What additional services does Pharmalink provide?

For pharmaceutical transportation, Pharmalink offers a variety of additional services:

  • On-line temperature monitoring and temperature printout
  • returning documents
  • delivery notification
  • cash on delivery (COD)
  • tracking system (POD)
  • reporting
  • confirmation of delivery – Shipping Document
  • unloading the pallet at the customer
  • insurance
  • guaranteed times of delivery

Non standard services are available on request.

10. What is the fleet of Pharmalink?

Pharmalink runs a specialized fleet of vehicles to provide transportation in compliance with the applicable laws and the Regulations of the Minister of Health in the requirements of Good Distribution Practice. The Pharmalink transport system consists of:

  • 550 insulated and refrigerated vehicles equipped with two chambers with a temperature range of 2 ° C to 8 ° C and 15 ° C to 25 ° C, allowing for delivery of entrusted cargo at constant temperature ranges, regardless of the ambient conditions.
  • vehicles of varying capacities (from 1 to 32 pallets) and tonnage (from 1 ton to 22 tons)
  • scanning of the package at each delivery stage
  • temperature monitoring using GPS
  • dynamic route planning system
  • all means of transport prior to release are qualified and periodically checked
11. How does Pharmalink control quality?

Pharmalink ensures the highest quality of its delivery services in its day-to-day operations. Everything we do when transporting medicines for patients is fully in line with our principles of Quality Policy.

The Quality Policy

  • Logistics processes are covered by a Quality System that complies with the requirements of Good Distribution Practice and the legal requirements for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Processes are set in the Quality System Procedures and Manuals and are supervised by the Responsible Person and Quality Department.
  • Storage rooms and means of transport are validated and meet the requirements of Good Distribution Practice
  • The transport of medicines is covered by additional security systems that allow for GPS monitoring of this aspect of the supply chain
  • The logistical processes are subject to continuous monitoring of service delivery and customer satisfaction
12. Does Pharmalink offer COD (Cash on Delivery)?

Pharmalink provides COD service. Please fill out the Registration Form for COD shipment. We will transfer the collected cash to the bank account indicated by the shipper. The completed and signed form should be sent via email address

13. How do I file a complaint and how quickly will it be reviewed by Pharmalink?

Pharmalink guarantees a review of any issue within 20 calendar days. The actual average processing time with all proper documentation is within 5-7 days.

Complaints can be filed by sending an e-mail to It is vital the complaint contains all the necessary documents:

  • A completed complaint protocol – you can downloadd it her
  • A completed Damage Report – ask Pharmalink driver for the form
  • A document confirming the value of the defective product, such as the invoice
  • A disposal protocol or a declaration of the intention to dispose, signed by the pharmacist (in case of the product is completely damaged and is no longer authorized for distribution).

After the complaint has been accepted, a disclaimer is issued. Compensation is paid within 14 days of the date of issue on the disclaimer.

14. What does the Pharmalink distribution network look like?

Pharmalink covers the whole of Poland. The company’s headquarters and central warehouse is located in Łódź. The system of regional cross docks allows to reach any recipient in Poland overnight.

15. Does Pharmalink offer international transport?

Pharmalink provides a service for international transport of pharmaceuticals within the European Union. More details can be found here.

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