Warehouse logistics

Storage logistics

  • the most modern Pharmalink warehouse and logistics center dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry is located in central Poland, near the A1 and A2 motorways
  • modern high storage warehouse meets all the requirements of the Good Distribution Practises and Pharmaceutical Law
  • more than 4 000 available pallet locations in the temperature range of 15-25°C
  • over 160 available pallet locations for storage in the temperature range of 2-8°C
  • full warehousing and logistic services, based on the infrastructure of a central pharmaceutical wholesalers and 7 reloading distribution points
  • ideal conditions for distribution on a nationwide basis
  • optimal adaptation for the storage and the distribution of goods
  • experience and the highest quality
Transportation od medicines

Transportation of medicines

  • the fleet of 280 certified dual-compatment vehicles
  • transportation under controlled conditions:
    • 15-25°C (ambient) • 2-8°C (active cold chain) • dry ice below – 20°C
  • continuity and security of supply chain within the country
  •  GPS monitoring for vehicle surveillance, monitoring and protection of vehicles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • information about: the location and speed of the vehicle, the temperature inside the load box,  on/off switch of the unit
  • on-line monitoring of the transport temperatures using electronic sensors and GSM connections
  • dynamic route planning, notification of delivery and a tracking system based on GPS
  • support for the logistic processes in transport by a validated IT system
  • up to 24 hours order completion in the standard mode and in „CITO” mode
  • delivery of products for clinical trials
Pharmaceutical distribution

Pharmaceutical distribution

  • delivery of the products in the shortest time possible, providing the highest quality of service, product safety and customer satisfaction
  • modern transport and storage infrastructure, based on the pharmaceutical wholesale of medicinal products, 7 distribution points, a fleet of certified vehicles and a quality assurance system
  • implemented and documented quality assurance system is compliant with the requirements of the Good Distribution Practice of and Pharmaceutical Law
  • regularly verified and updated operating procedures are in accordance with the requirements of Pharmaceutical Law, the Good Distribution Practice and our clients’ needs
  • experienced managers and a qualified staff, constantly improving their skills and knowledge
  • internal, unique training system from the applicable procedures, meeting the requirements of Good Distribution Practice of and Pharmaceutical Law
Veterinary pharmaceuticals

Veterinary pharmaceuticals

  • storage and transport in controlled conditions
  • Pharmalink is licensed by the Chief Veterinary Inspectorate to operate a veterinary pharmaceutical wholesaler
  • the wholesaler is equipped with Quality Management System compliant with the Pharmaceutical Law and the Regulations of the Ministry of Health under the requirements of the Good Distribution Practice
  • pharmaceutical supervision and the highest quality of services
International transportation

International transport

  • Pharmalink offers international pharmaceutical transport at any temperature given – express transport (dedicated) and ladings
  • In the case of partial shipments (ladings) medicine parcels are combined with other pharmaceuticals (we do not consolidate pharmaceutical products with other types of products)
  • loads are covered by full insurance; we guarantee high amounts of insurance and additional transport insurance on a customer’s request
  • transports dedicated to psychotropic medicines and narcotics
  • printouts at the place of delivery guarantee the transport was carried out at the temperature commissioned