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Home patient service

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Deliveries to the home patient 

We provide deliveries of medicinal products as part of ongoing drug programs – direct to the patient’s home. The logistics process involves working with manufacturers and health facilities. We provide services in accordance with legal requirements and the highest standards in pharmalogy.

We ensure safe delivery to the patient's door

We guarantee an efficient, reliable and safe process of delivering medicines to home patients. We use our proven procedures and specialized vehicles. For our partners, direct delivery of medicines to the patient's home saves time, strength and resources, as well as providing assurance of their commitments.

What do you gain with us?
Direct delivery of a drug preparation from a hospital pharmacy to a home patient as part of the provision of drug programs
Cooperation with foundations for patients in a particular therapeutic group
Assistance in distributing a drug from abroad to a hospital pharmacy under RDTL
Proven, safe procedures
Experienced staff and proven know-how
Specialized infrastructure and logistics resources

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