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About us

Our nationwide distribution network is based on a pharmaceutical and veterinary wholesale warehouse and a system of loading bays. High specialization and years of experience allow us to respond to the expectations of the most demanding Customers. We tailor our service portfolio to their needs.

We carry out delivery of medicines, vaccines, dietary supplements, special-purpose foods, cosmetics, dressing materials, hygiene products and medical devices – to open pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, wholesalers, clinics, private practices and even individuals. We guarantee safe transportation of products within fixed temperature ranges in accordance with the requirements of the pharmaceutical law.
The entire logistics system was designed to meet the requirements of the Act of September 6, 2001. Pharmaceutical Law and the Decree of the Minister of Health on Good Distribution Practice Procedures. To ensure quality transportation, all employees are bound by internal procedures to ensure that shipments are properly received, stored, transported and delivered to customers - safely and on time.

Our goal is to constantly improve quality, so a key role is to maintain constant control of transport conditions, ensure proper transport temperature and timely delivery.
We also operate outside the country by organizing international transports, mainly within the European Union countries.

Pharmalink provides

industry experience
qualified personnel
specialized fleet of vehicles
specialized warehouses with 2-8°C cold stores
quality system in accordance with applicable law
comprehensive logistics service
stable position in the market
We are part of Pelion S.A.

Pelion Group

We are part of Pelion S.A., one of the largest companies operating in the health care market in Poland and Lithuania. Pelion S.A.'s services cover all market segments - wholesale, retail and hospital. They are aimed at patients, pharmacies, hospitals and manufacturers. Pelion is a holding company with ownership oversight of all activities carried out by Polska Grupa Farmaceutyczna S.A. and Pharmapoint S.A. (wholesale), Urtica and Pharmalink (hospital supplies and logistics services), DOZ S.A., Natura sp. z o. o., Limedika, Gintarine Vaistine and Norfos Vaistine (retail sales, and numerous companies of other activities).

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This is how we operate

Mission, Vision


We Deliver Health.
We provide modern and secure logistics and transportation solutions for pharmaceuticals. This way, we prioritize patient health and save lives.


Our ambition is to be the undisputed leader in logistics for pharmaceuticals. We combine the competence of our employees with technological innovations to help patients and our partners. Our goal is to operate in a sustainable development model. We create dedicated solutions for all stakeholders.

Our beliefs

Our values


Is a paramount value for us. We care for it at every stage. First of all, we provide the medical products that patients need. We also focus on healthy, long-term business relationships with partners. We also promote an active lifestyle and the continued development of our employees. We care about ecology and sustainability, which also translates into the health of local communities.


We combine human competence with the possibilities offered by modern technology – all so that we can always rise to the challenges. Believing in our mission, we set trends and are constantly developing and tailoring our services. We owe our innovation to our sensitivity and openness to the needs of patients and partners.
For us, nothing is impossible.


We are a market leader thanks to the competence and experience of our employees. We all understand very well the mission we are carrying out. We are united by a deep sense of responsibility, passion and commitment to the activities we undertake. We believe in specialized and unique knowledge, which makes us experts in the field of pharmalogy. It is because of this that we move forward every day, focusing on the development of each individual as well as the entire organization.


Superior quality and accountability are the common denominator of everything we do.
This also applies to building relationships with stakeholders, where we rely on long-term cooperation.
Maintaining clear communication, fostering mutual loyalty, and establishing the utmost trust are of paramount importance to us.

People are our strength


Our team consists of individuals with passion and a calling. We are aware of the responsibility that comes with the nature of our work. Therefore, we exert every effort to ensure reliable operations. The highest qualifications, years of experience and commitment of our staff are our strength and our greatest asset. And knowing that we are helping patients recover gives meaning to our daily work.

Confirmation of our reliability

Quality System

Quality System in accordance with DPD 

Permits held:

  • Wholesale authorization Authorization No. GIF-N-411/1023/1-7/TL/16, date of issue: 2016-10-03
  • Permits for wholesale of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances GIF-N-4430/40/KK/16, date of issue: 04-10-2016
  • License to conduct wholesale of precursors NOH.5521.16.2020.DKO.2 dated. 11.05.2020
  • The Quality System (SJ) at Pharmalink Pharmaceutical Wholesaler complies with the requirements of Good Distribution Practice and aims to ensure that products and services provided by Pharmalink meet the expectations of patients, customers while remaining in full compliance with applicable regulations.
  • The Marketing Authorisation Holder (Pharmaceutical Warehouse Manager) is responsible for the implementation and supervision of the proper functioning of the Quality System at Pharmalink Pharmaceutical Warehouse. The Quality System has also been implemented in the loading bays, which are part of the Pharmaceutical Wholesaler’s transportation system and included in the authorisation permit.
  • Valid at the Pharmalink Sp. z o.o. wholesaler. The Quality System is described in detail in the Quality System Documentation.
  • Distribution processes are described in the procedures and instructions of the Quality System
  • Warehouse premises and means of transport are covered by qualification and meet the requirements of DPD
  • Transport is covered by additional security systems allowing GPS monitoring

ISO 9001:2015

Certified Quality System As a specialized logistics operator with a fleet of nearly 600 vehicles, we have undertaken the introduction and development of a Quality Management System based on ISO 9001 in the process of vehicle qualification and mapping. This stage is crucial to ensure the correct temperature conditions required during the transportation of medicinal products in accordance with pharmaceutical law and DPD.

Vehicle mappings are part of the qualification of the means of transportation. In addition to the temperature distribution, the technical condition of the vehicle, its safety features, capacity, and the condition of the isothermal body are checked.

Veterinary wholesale quality system in line with the Veterinary DPD 

Permits held:

  • Permit to operate a pharmaceutical wholesaler of veterinary medicinal products No. 519 issued by the Chief Veterinarian, date of issue: 2020-05-25
  • Permit for wholesale of veterinary medicinal products containing narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances No. NZOH.5520.54.2020.DKO.2, date of issuance 2020-12-31
  • The quality system at Pharmalink pharmaceutical wholesale of veterinary medicinal products complies with the requirements of Good Distribution Practice for veterinary medicinal products. The quality system has been implemented in the pharmaceutical wholesaler of medicinal products and also in the handling chambers included in the permit, and supervision of its proper functioning is carried out by the Responsible Person (Manager of the pharmaceutical wholesaler of veterinary medicinal products).
  • The quality system ensures the delivery of the highest quality services to our customers, with compliance with legal requirements. It covers all areas required by the Good Distribution Practice Regulation for veterinary medicinal products, including storage, receipt and dispensing of veterinary medicinal products, as well as transportation of wholesale products. Quality system support activities such as internal inspections, deviation analysis, taking corrective and remedial actions, quality risk management, and change supervision have also been implemented.
  • In order to ensure the safety and quality of feed products, the Pharmalink veterinary wholesaler has also implemented the HACCP food health safety surveillance and control system, the maintenance of which is supervised by a designated team.
We engage in social actions


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We deliver health not only in the form of medicines. As a company that has the universal health of the Polish people at heart, we engage socially in projects that enable us to fulfill our mission even more broadly.

WE DELIVER HEALTH is a charitable initiative running through 2019 to provide healthy fruit juices for children suffering from cancer. Thanks to Pharmalink’s efforts, we deliver up to 312 juices per week to the Oncology and Hematology wards of the Maria Konopnicka Clinical Hospital No. 4 in Łódź, amounting to over 16,000 juices annually.
Pharmalink delivers health in the form of medicines, but also in the form of vitamins, which are the perfect supplement, so important in the treatment process. The campaign is carried out on a pro bono basis, and the greatest value for our company is the smiles of children who take another step on the road to their recovery.

URTICA GALA FOR CHILDREN  – during the annual Urtica Gala for Children, paintings by young cancer patients are auctioned. As Pharmalink, we support the Urtica Children’s Foundation in distributing paintings to generous owners. We distribute valuable works of art all over the country, using our logistical potential. We have been a strategic partner of this beautiful initiative since 2021.

The Foundation has been operating since the beginning of 2017 and is leading initiatives previously implemented at our friend Urtica as part of the “Urtica for Children” CSR project. The Urtica Children’s Foundation supports and conducts health, educational and charitable initiatives. Currently, 18 pediatric oncology and hematology units in Poland benefit from its assistance.

ACTIVITIES FOR EMPLOYEES − we know that work is not the only thing a person lives for. That’s why we organize additional activities for employees. Examples of actions that have already become a permanent part of our activity calendar are the Business Run and yoga classes. In line with the slogan “movement is health,” we encourage our employees to take part in the company run and participate in yoga classes, which provide a moment of respite for both body and mind.

We believe that physical activity is important for our physical fitness and maintaining mental balance. We also confirm that health is written in our DNA!

We deliver health

This is our mission and the course of action we follow with the health of Poles at heart.