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Pharmalink – a company that is part of the Pelion Group.

We are a specialized logistics operator. We provide management, warehousing and drug distribution services for the pharmaceutical industry. Our motto is: “We deliver health”. This is how we understand the mission we carry out every day and what sets us apart.

This translates into our four key values. They are: Health, People, Innovation, and Reliability. We base our daily work on these values. People are the backbone of our business and they are the ones who contribute to the continuous development of our organization. We have different passions and work in a dispersed environment, but we have one important thing in common – the awareness of how important a role we play as a Team. All this to ensure that patients have access to medicines.

Job offers

Can’t find a role for yourself? Don't give up!

Leave us your resume as soon as there is an offer for you - we'll let you know.
Would you like to "Deliver Health" together with us? Join our Team! Find out how our recruitment process, what you can expect and what to expect.

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">Stages of recruitment

1. Send us your resume

  • If you are interested in a specific position – apply.
  • If you can’t decide on a specific job offer, but are interested in joining our Team – apply for the general offer.

2. Analyzing your resume

  • To effectively showcase yourself at this stage, include your most pivotal experiences in your application and highlight the competencies in which you excel.

3. Telephone interview

  • A recruiter or Manager of a particular area will contact selected candidates by phone. We will want to get to know you better during such an interview or ask for details that we didn’t find in your resume.
  • We can also, during a phone call, arrange for you to meet remotely or in person at our headquarters.

4. Recruitment meeting

  • Can be remote or onsite.
  • You will get to know the Manager of a particular area.
  • We will talk about the offer and details related to the position.
  • We will want to get to know you better, ask for details related to your experience, and verify whether this position is right for you.
  • Some positions require additional tests or tasks – don’t be afraid, it’s nothing scary.
  • If you have questions – ask, we will try to answer them all.

5. Contacting you about our decision

  • As soon as the decision is made, we will contact you to communicate it. Of course, decisions can vary, but among the most common are:
    • Decision to hire – we present an offer and if you accept it we arrange the details related to the start of work
    • Decision to terminate the recruitment without hiring – if we decide to choose another candidate, we will inform you about it because we know that this information is important
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We invite you to join our Team! 

The foundation of our company is People – they are Pharmalink’s greatest value. We encourage you to join our Team and grow with us in the pharmalogist industry!