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Usługi niefarmaceutyczne

Non-pharmaceutical services

WMS. TMS. Sorter. Rozwój Pharmalink.

We are specialists in logistics

We have advanced facilities, highly qualified personnel and modern equipment and facilities. We offer a wide range of services, including: storing marketing materials, arranging transportation to designated recipients, maintaining warehouse and distribution records, transporting medical samples, and much more.

Comprehensive logistics services

The quality of the processes is guaranteed by our tried-and-true procedures, experienced team and developed, modern storage and transportation facilities. Our customers use the entire logistics chain or select the elements they need.

What do you gain with us?
Storage of marketing materials (medical samples)
Completion in accordance with the order
Organize and transport materials to designated recipients
Reporting on implementation
Maintenance of warehouse and distribution records
Insurance of shipments transported or stored by us
Provide an application on the website for ordering by representatives or customers
Administering a system containing information about the stock or stage of completion of orders placed

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