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Veterinary logistics

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We have extensive and specialized logistics facilities for the logistics of medicinal veterinary products. Drug safety is guaranteed by our Quality System and constant pharmaceutical supervision. We provide storage, transportation of veterinary medicines and shipping of medicinal veterinary products under controlled conditions.

Transportation and storage of veterinary medicines

For our clients, we are engaged in the storage and therapeutic distribution of veterinary products. We also provide substantive supervision – logistics for veterinary medicine. We provide logistics services based on proven procedures and specialized transportation. We operate comprehensively.

What do you gain with us?
Storage for products in the 2°C-8°C temperature range
Storage for products in the 15°C -25°C temperature range
Dedicated warehouse for drugs containing narcotics, psychotropic substances
Wide temperature range under controlled conditions: 15 - 25°C (warm chain), 2 - 8°C (active cold chain), below - 20°C (in dry ice)
24-hour monitoring system for temperature and humidity conditions
Transportation of drugs containing narcotics and psychotropic substances
570 mapped two-compartment cars
1800㎡ area, more than 1,000 pallet spaces available, distribution based on 7 loading bays

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