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Warehouse logistics

WMS. TMS. Sorter. Rozwój Pharmalink.

Safe and competent – at every stage.

Ideal location – in Łódź and Konstantynów Łódzki, in the central part of Poland, with quick access to the A1 and A2 highways. Modern storage and logistics facilities, proven solutions, and the highest safety standards make the storage of medicines and logistics processes comfortable for our customers.

We are experts in logistics for the pharmaceutical industry – we have the know-how and developed infrastructure. Our specialized logistics infrastructure includes pharmaceutical and veterinary wholesale warehouses and eight loading bays. Additionally, vacant warehouse space gives our customers a chance to increase the flow of their goods.

Utilizing a medicine storage service and its ancillary services can save a significant amount of time compared to handling it yourself.

Quality, flexibility and scale for the pharmaceutical industry

We guarantee quality and safety: we implement standards in accordance with the requirements of Good Distribution Practice and the Pharmaceutical Law. We listen carefully to what our business partners need and suggest the most efficient, tried-and-true logistics processes. This is how we understand flexibility. We have created conditions perfect for the distribution of pharmaceutical products on a nationwide scale. Our logistics processes and drug warehouse are a guarantee of quality. In addition to warehousing, we also provide pharmaceutical distribution services.

What do you gain with us?
5,000 thousand pallet spaces for storage at 15-25°C
160 pallet spaces for storage in the temp range: 2-8°C
High-storage drug warehouse that guarantees pharmaceutical quality in accordance with the requirements of Good Distribution Practice and the Pharmaceutical Law
Special storage of drugs containing narcotics and psychotropic substances
Just in case logistics – our supply chain in the country will not be shaken by anything
Infrastructure optimized for storage and distribution of pharmaceutical goods, vacant warehouse space
Experienced team to ensure the highest quality of service
An efficient and fully controlled active supply chain

Warehousing and transport of medicines and medicinal products

Warehouses are an important stage in the pharmaceutical logistics chain. Our warehousing facilities are equipped with fridges, freezers, temperature-controlled rooms and other equipment to provide the right environment for stored products. In addition, in order to maintain high standards, the facility is equipped with measures against unauthorised access and theft. Constant surveillance is ensured thanks to door alarms and surveillance cameras. In addition, we perform temperature mapping in the pharmaceutical warehouse (especially in summer and winter) to see how the outdoor temperature affects the performance of the equipment and the indoor environment. Warehouses help pharmaceutical companies reduce the operational costs associated with storing and transporting medicines from the manufacturer to the distributor as well as to the local retailer. This translates into the efficient distribution of medicines and medicinal products and their safety.

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