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Pharmaceutical Wholesale Modules

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Pharmaceutical Wholesale Modules

In our warehouse inventory, we have vacant spaces that can be adapted for the operation of pharmaceutical wholesalers. We will design and construct the premises of the wholesaler in accordance with the client’s requirements, the DPD regulation and the Pharmaceutical Law and GIF expectations. The pharmaceutical wholesaler will be located for your convenience in a central location in Poland (the city of Łódź), which will enable efficient local, regional and nationwide routes.

Service to pharmaceutical wholesalers

We provide comprehensive support in launching and operating a pharmaceutical wholesaler in our warehouse spaces
– from design, to implementation in accordance with all necessary requirements, to hiring warehouse personnel.

What do you gain with us?
Design and construction of the warehouse premises
Professional consulting
Dedicated caregiver from Pharmalink
Comprehensive surface operation service
Ability to implement a manufacturer-specific validated computer system
Validation of equipment and premises
Provide security for the facility
Support in finding and hiring a wholesale manager

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